A Creepy Mr. Twisty

A strange event occurred at Knoxville Zoo on Nov. 1 at about 2:45 p.m. What began as appearing a little odd quickly escalated into a definitely creepy situation.

A security officer at the zoo reported that he saw a man handing out balloons to children near the Kids Cove area, which includes a playground. After the security officer questioned the man about his intentions and acquired his identity, he returned to his office and checked the Sex Offender Registry. Sure enough, the man was on the list and the security officer called police.

Police arrived at the scene and confirmed the man's identification and past charges. An investigator was contacted and he proceeded to further question the man and his girlfriend. The man said that he was aware of his inability to visit public playgrounds or parks, but said that he was unaware he was not allowed to visit the zoo.

He said he was giving out balloons because it was just something he does for fun. But after further questioning, he told investigators that besides his primary job as a delivery driver, he performs as a balloon artist named "Mr. Twisty." The man gave investigators his business card that has pictures of him handing out balloons to children. The incident is still under investigation.

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