Our Highly Unscientific "Guns-in-Bars" Law Survey

"Do You Allow Guns in Your Bar?"

Total Yellow Pages Listings for Bars, Pubs, Sports Bars, and Taverns: 43

Total We Were Unable to Reach Due to Closure, Disconnection of Listed Phone Number, or Proprietors' Enigmatic Unreachability: 14

Total Reached: 29

Bars Expressly Allowing Guns (BEAs): 5

BEAs Doing So Enthusiastically: 1

Susie Q's, 1031 Maryville Pike

"Hell yes! As long as they got a permit, I've got no problem with people bringing their guns in here."

—John Rhinehart, owner

BEAs Doing So Indifferently: 2

Mulligan's, 8923 Linksvue Dr.

"It actually hasn't been an issue yet. Right now, we have no policy against it."

—Managerial staff member who asked not to be identified

Captain's Bar and Grill, 4101 Bruhin Rd.

"I guess so, but it hasn't been an issue."

—Kim Fennell, owner

BEAs Doing So Reluctantly: 2

Lakeside Tavern, 10911 Concord Park Dr.

"If somebody does come in here brandishing a weapon, and it makes someone else uncomfortable—God, I don't want to have that conversation."

—Robert Bowlby, manager

[Bar Name and Address Not Included at Request of Proprietor]

"We are not posting any policy against it, but we're not encouraging it."

—[name withheld]

Bars That, Despite Their Best Intentions, Implicitly Allow Guns Because They Had Not Posted the Legally Required Sign Indicating a Policy Banning Them (At the Time of Interview): 2

Fort Sanders Yacht Club, 721 17th St.

Rick's Place , 1637 Downtown West Blvd.

Bars Expressly Banning Guns (BEBs): 22

BEBs Doing So Emphatically: 5

Don R's Sports Bar, 10015 Rutledge Pike, Corryton

"No way. I'm the owner, and I ain't letting nobody carry a gun in here."

—Don Morton, owner

Hugh's Tavern, 904 N Central St.

"We would never do that."

—Unidentified staff member

Judy's, 6362 Maynardville Hwy., Maynardville

"Hell no!"

—Unidentified staff member

Longbranch Saloon, 1848 Cumberland Ave.

"Absolutely not. Please, please make a point of saying that we aren't."

—Christopher Hamblin, bartender

Marie's Olde Towne Tavern, 202 W. Magnolia Ave.

"Absolutely not!"

—Marie Owens, owner

Smokey's Sports Pub and Grill, 2613 Adair Dr.

"Hell, no! That gun law is asinine."

—Michelle Mapstone, owner

BEBs Doing So With a Sense of Humor About It: 1

Club XYZ, 1215 N. Central St.

"No, sir. We are not letting guns, cigarettes, and homosexuals mix."

—Richard Cameron, owner