City Meets to Discuss Henley Street Bridge Repairs

The City of Knoxville will hold a public meeting Tuesday, Dec. 8, to discuss upcoming construction on the Henley Street bridge. This five-lane bridge, built in 1930, serves as a vital link to and from South Knoxville, last year averaging more than 38,000 vehicles per day.

The city doesn't yet know when repairs will begin—with funding still in question, it's yet to award the contract or even solicit bids. The work—which includes replacing the deck and its supports—could take as long as three years to complete. But during that time, commuters will enjoy a nice selection of alternate routes in which to sit in traffic and second-guess themselves for not choosing another.

The meeting comes at the request of nine South Knoxville neighborhoods. On hand to explain the work will be John Hunter, the city's chief traffic engineer, and representatives from TDOT. It begins at 6 p.m. at Graystone Presbyterian Church, 139 Woodlawn Pike.