City Holds Workshop on East County Sector Plan

On Thursday, March 11, the city will hold a public workshop to discuss the Metropolitan Planning Commission's update to the East County Sector Plan. That update involves construction of a business park just off Midway Road in the Thorn Grove Community, a controversial proposal that the MPC, County Commission, and East Knox County community members have been wrestling over for going on four years.

Last week, Metro Pulse columnist Rikki Hall applauded efforts by The Development Corporation, which bought the land in 2006, to change its conception of the business park to include green design features that may help avoid overdevelopment. But in this week's Citybeat, Jesse Fox Mayshark shows that even with these concessions, there remains distrust and disagreement between residents, County Commissioners, and TDC.

The business park is only one part of the plan, and the city is expected spend half its time Thursday on that issue and the other half on other elements. The plan is scheduled to go to County Commission on March 22.

The meeting begins at 5 p.m. in the Small Assembly Room of the City County Building.