City Council Workshop to Discuss Re-imagining Henley Street

Should Knoxville take advantage of the closing of the Henley Bridge to redesign Henley Street? That's what some local residents think, and they'll make their case to City Council at a workshop meeting at 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 12, in the Small Assembly Room of the City County Building.

Among the speakers will be George Scott of Fountain City, who generated some social-media buzz earlier this year with a YouTube video laying out the case for turning Henley from an imposing, traffic-clogged highway to a scenic, pedestrian-friendly boulevard. (Metro Pulse's own Jack Neely has advocated along the same lines.) Henley has long been seen as a barrier between downtown and the World's Fair Park and the University of Tennessee campus. The thinking is that a more attractive, less perilous thoroughfare would create a unified urban landscape. So far no public officials have taken up the cause to any great degree, but you never know what a strong turnout at a meeting might do.