City Council to Pick Interim Mayor

For a short while on Monday, Jan. 10, Knoxville city government will seem as unstable as a banana republic in the midst of a coup. But don't worry, someone will be in charge by lunchtime.

City Council is scheduled to meet at 9:30 a.m. that day in the Main Assembly Room of the City County Building, immediately following Bill Haslam's formal resignation as mayor. As soon as Haslam's gone, power will formally and briefly shift to Vice Mayor Bob Becker, who is also resigning this month. Then, at the Council meeting, Council will appoint one of its own members to complete the rest of Haslam's term, which expires in December.

Marilyn Roddy, who is running for the next full mayoral term, has taken herself out of the interim pool, as has Nick Della Volpe. Nick Pavlis, who had been lobbying for the post, appears to have removed himself as well, leaving Duane Grieve and Joe Bailey as likely contenders. But it is also possible we will end the day with either our first African-American (Daniel Brown) or female (Brenda Palmer) mayor. Should be fun to watch.