Channelling Inner Rage

In a day and age when the Great American Pastime has graduated from baseball and Cracker Jack to Dancing With the Stars, it's not hard to imagine how the relocation of one's favorite channel can quickly turn into a matter of life or death. This was the case last Tuesday at the local offices of a national cable TV provider.

According to a Knoxville Police Department report, an officer responded to a call just after midnight regarding a bomb threat at the cable provider's offices off Asheville Highway. Apparently the complainant had received a call from the suspect on the hearing-impaired line earlier in the evening. The suspect stated that he was extremely upset about a channel moving from its original location to channel 100, and that he was coming to Knoxville from his home in Lafollette to place a TNT bomb in the building. The complainant told police that he did not think that the building needed to be searched, but that he would inform all of his fellow employees of the threat.

Rather than resorting to high-powered explosives, perhaps a better response would have been to save the channel as a "favorite" instead.