Caught by Modern Conveniences

Multi-function cell phones are a commonplace gadget these days, even among criminals who can't resist a photo opportunity.

On May 4, around 5:39 p.m., Knoxville police responded to a shoplifting call at the Party City on Parkside Drive. According to the KPD report, two women had allegedly entered the store and stuffed merchandise into bags that they had brought inside with them. An employee had seen the women emptying shopping bags in the trunk of their car before entering the store, and she tried to stop them as they left with their refilled bags. A brief struggle ensued among the store's manager, the employee, and the two women.

One suspect fled on foot, while the other drove off erratically, nearly striking the manager and employee with her vehicle. During the scuffle, the suspect who fled in her car dropped her cell phone. Fortunately for authorities, it contained photographs of herself—which made tracing it back to the suspect that much easier.

Advice to future shoplifters: By all means, please bring as much identifying material with you as possible on future jobs.