The Case of the Very Honest Turtle Owner

For many, the words "curfew violation" have a somewhat benign connotation—we imagine teenagers sneaking out to a party after dark. However, the motives of a Knoxville man recently arrested for a curfew violation were far more bizarre than youthful frolicking.

On August 28 at approximately 2 p.m., police approached a man who was standing suspiciously outside the local pet shop Fins & Skins. According to Knoxville Police Department reports, the man had a 44 ounce Pilot cup in his possession. When officers inquired about the cup—and asked the man why he was loitering—the suspect explained that he planned to steal some goldfish from the store in order to "feed his turtle."

The man then proceeded to place his Pilot cup in the shop's goldfish pond, swirling around the makeshift fish-catching device right in front of the officers. They, in turn, arrested him on charges of littering and curfew violation.