The Case of the Overenthusiastic Patient

A visit to the doctor's office often requires the removal of a few items of clothing—depending on the ailment being investigated. And while some patrons are overly modest, a few can jump the gun when it comes to dropping trou. Such was the case last week at a local ear, nose, and throat clinic.

According to a Knoxville Police Department report, a man entered the clinic for a scheduled hearing evaluation. After being placed in a sound-proof booth, he was asked to remove his hat. Entering the booth to prepare the test, an unsuspecting female employee noticed that the man, as per instructions, had indeed placed the hat in his lap—but with one minor complication. There was nothing but bare skin underneath his hat. Consequently, she immediately attempted to exit the booth. But as she turned around to shut the door, the man quickly removed the hat—exposing more than was necessary for the scheduled test. Needless to say, he was removed from the premises by law enforcement officials.

The clinic has since stated—and made it quite clear—that the hearing test does not require the removal of any articles of clothing below the head.