Camaro Attack!

There comes a time in every man's life when The Dukes of Hazzard just makes sense. And this epiphany typically results in vehicular damage.

On April 1 an employee of The Woodlands apartments off Cherokee Trail in South Knoxville arrived at work to discover the complex's mechanical gate had been severely damaged. Debris from the gate—and a car—littered the entrance way. What could have happened?

Fortunately, The Woodlands does not lack in security cameras. The employee reviewed footage from the night before and was greeted with a sight more commonly found on '70s cop shows: a dark-colored Chevrolet Camaro smashing through the gate and barrelling proudly into the parking lot. Jotting down the vehicle's license plate number, the employee found that the vehicle—and presumably the suspect—were actually still on The Woodland's property. A Knoxville police officer was sent to investigate, but the perp took his damaged muscle car and fled the scene before the officer arrived.

Police did run the tags to identify the owner of the Camaro and further investigation is underway; oddly, no empty cans of Natural Light were found at the scene of the crime.