Meet Your BOK 2012 Winner: Lynne Worthington, Owner, Adult Superstore

Winner: Best Adult Store

How's the adult business?

Business is great, especially since 50 Shades of Grey came out. It's brought in a lot of new customers—people who normally wouldn't come in—looking for the accessories that they use in the books.

There's still some stigma about shopping here?

In the past, these kind of stores had a lot of association with illegal activity. That doesn't happen here. We keep an eye on the parking lot and prohibit loitering. We're not what people think of as the typical adult store. We don't put up with offensive behavior and we don't have any trouble here.

So there are no creepy dudes in raincoats?

No. Not at all.

So, who shops here?

We have a wide demographic, but the vast majority of our customers are women and couples. And they come from all over the area to shop with us.

What about the folks behind the counter?

Our employees have a uniform dress code. And most of them have been here for eight or more years. Everyone goes through a month-long orientation to get them used to our standards for customer service, and education about our product line.

You mentioned education. Isn't most of your inventory self–explanatory?

Sure, a lot of it is user-friendly, but there are a lot of options and new products that are sometimes unusual or technical—we make sure that our staff can help people see the differences between products.

If you're not a typical sex shop, how do you classify yourself?

Honestly, we're just a big retail store that handles a very specialized kind of inventory. We offer great customer service and have a great selection.

What's your best-selling item?

Lingerie and novelties are the top two. But we carry a wide range of products—including a lot of bachelorette party supplies.

When you first opened, there was a lot of resistance to your presence here. Do you still face that?

I'm sure there are still some people who wish we weren't here, but mostly I think we have good community tolerance now. We try to be good members of the community.