PEP! Mental Health Listings for the Knoxville Area

Counseling, Hypnosis, Life Coaches, Meditation

* PLEASE NOTE: The following descriptions are not reviews by Metro Pulse; they are based on information provided by the businesses themselves or found on their websites.


Alternative Counseling Center
3105 Essary Dr. (687-8990)
Alternative Counseling Center is an association of independent practitioners working together in one location. The center offers psychiatric services, pharmacological, psychological, and individual therapy, as well as counseling.

Axiom Associates
108 W Summit Hill Dr. (525-1099)
Offering individual psychotherapy, couples counseling, divorce counseling, stress management, alternative lifestyle counseling, grief/loss and more, Axiom Associates is a small group of independent psychologists, clinical social workers, licensed marriage and family therapists, and licensed professional counselors. They provide EAP and counseling assistance for a broad spectrum of problems, ranging from normal life stressors to severe and prolonged emotional problems.

Ayurveda Center for Natural Healthcare
665 Emory Valley Rd., Oak Ridge (482-0981)
This center provides psychotherapy treatments, as well as massage therapy and bodywork. The Ayurvedic approach involves determining a person's constitutional nature and identifying ‘imbalances' in his or her body and mind. To restore ‘balance,' specific recommendations are made for diet, lifestyle, herbs and treatments.

Bearden Psychological and Wellness Center
813 S. Northshore Dr., Suite 105 (584-4005)
This center offers individual therapy for children, adolescents, and adults, specializing in eating disorder counseling, obesity, rape recovery, divorce counseling, hypnosis, and more.

Complete Counseling
4420 Whittle Springs Rd.  Suite B (688-0661)
11808 Kingston Pike Suite 100 (392-5753)
Complete counseling offers a wide variety of psychotherapy, psychological evaluations for forensic, disability, fitness for duty, vocational-educational, ADD/ADHD and developmental delays. The center is a private practice of independently affiliated professionals trained in psychology, social work, special education and psychiatry.

Cherokee Health Systems
2018 Western Ave. (934-6734)
Offering alcohol and drug use programs, crisis intervention, individual and family therapy, community outreach, adolescent counseling, school psychology services and more, Cherokee believes the best approach to wellness involves treating both body and mind.

Child and Family Tennessee
901 E. Summit Hill Dr. (524-7483)
Founded on the princple of evidence-based technique, C&F Tennessee provides services including family counseling, substance abuse recovery, and specialized programs for men, women and children with a focus on the welfare of the entire family. The therapy center operates on a Strength-Based, Trauma-Informed, Recovery and Resiliency Model that addresses a variety of problems and needs.

Cornerstone of Recovery
1214 Topside Rd., Louisville (877-263-5960)
Using a comprehensive 12-step recovery program, Cornerstone treats drug and alcohol addiction from the inside out. Their multi-disciplinary professionals attend to the physical, emotional, psychological, interpersonal, behavioral and spiritual needs of all patients. They also provide each patient's family the support and tools they need for their own recovery process. Cornerstone offers an array of services such as both inpatient and outpatient treatment, group and individual counseling, and intervention facilitation.

Foothills Christian Counseling
216 Fairview Dr., Maryville (681-4914)
Foothills offers a multidisciplinary approach based on Bible, but is welcome to people of all beliefs. The center provides training to church staff members and lay leaders on such topics as conflict resolution, setting boundaries, avoiding burnout, caring for the home-bound, caring for the bereaved, strengthening marriages, and premarital preparation.

Healthy Mind Counseling Services Inc.
5410 Homberg Drive (588-3173)
Offering individual, family and group sessions, in-house sessions, coaching and more, Healthy Mind Counseling Services Inc. works to reduce the stigma associated with counseling by providing a comfortable and safe environment for talk therapy. In the counseling process, clients gain insight regarding emotional issues and learn coping skills to improve daily functioning.

Helen Ross McNabb Center
201 W. Springdale Ave. (637-9711)
Since 1948 the Helen Ross McNabb Center has provided substance abuse treatment and mental health treatment, and other social services in Knox and 16 other East Tennessee counties. The center offers case management, medication management, psychiatric services, in-home treatment, developmental disability services, psychiatric rehabilitation, and rehab services.

Inner Resource Center
2002 River Ford Rd., Maryville (983-7544)
A licensed psychologist works to help patients rid their lives of emotional clutter. Services include psychotherapy, counseling, and personal and business coaching.

Mercy Behavioral Health Services
900 East Oak Hill Ave., Tower 4 (545-7228)
Mercy Behavioral Health Services provides services to adults in need of diagnostic evaluation, crisis stabilization, and treatment for acute mental health, dementia, and chemical dependency issues. Treatment services include individual and group therapy, leisure skills groups, education groups, goal setting, exercise groups, stress management and relaxation techniques, reminiscence therapy, memory and mental status assessment, family meetings as indicated, medication management and medical stabilization.

Northshore Group
1111 Northshore Dr., South Tower Suite 490 (584-0171)
This collaboration of over a dozen independent practitioners works in many mental health and collateral services. Offerings include psychothereapy, career assessement, medication management, as well as basic evaluations and consultations. Clinical services are provided for children, adolescents, seniors, adults, couples, and families.

Parent Child Services Group Inc
1225 E Weisgarber Rd. (584-5558)
In operation since 1988, this group offers physical therapy, psychological analysis, psychiatry, educational development and many other children's services. Pulling from multiple resources, the group collaborates in making a thorough diagnosis and taking the most comprehensive steps to treatment.

Suburban Counseling Center
109 Suburban Rd. (693-6333)
The professionals at Suburban Counseling Center are trained to offer services related to depression, anxiety, ADHD, child and adolescent problems, Tourette syndrome, parenting, stress, and anger management.

University of Tennessee Psychological Clinic
Austin Peay Building Room 227 (974-2161)
Clients of all ages and socio-economic groups, from Knoxville and the surrounding communities, are eligible for treatment at this clinic. Both child and adult services are provided by Doctoral students in the Clinical Psychology program under the supervision of fully-licensed clinical psychologists.


Healthy Visions Hypnosis Wellness Center
351 Market St., Clinton, TN (220-0777)
The center promotes excellence in the use of hypnosis and other complementary medicines by qualified individuals. Services can be applied to pain management and childbirth, as well as anger management, stress management, and smoking cessation.

Psychoeducational Network
2892 Alcoa Highway (579-2727)
Offering Ericksonian hypnosis and a variety of other services, Psychoeducational Network takes pride in providing exceptional professional therapy. Specialties include equine assisted therapy, reading therapy and neurofeedback.

Renew Family Therapy Center
32023 Ellis Avenue, Maryville (809-8575)
This therapy center collaboratively provides holistic, systemic therapy for families seeking affordable professional counseling. Family Therapy works toward relational, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical improvements.

Therapeutic Hypnosis
8705 Unicorn Dr. (694-0101)
Hypnosis/self-hypnosis can help program the subconscious mind to work in cooperation with conscious desires. Serving East Tennessee since 1977, Therapeutic Hypnosis uses the art of hypnosis to help its clients develop will-power and self-control over problems.


A Focused Purpose
A Focused Purpose believes in accompanying their clients' on a jounrney towards living a life with purpose. Yvonne Hart leads Purpose Workshops and Sabbatical Retreats, customized for each client's needs.

Cardinal Consulting and Coaching
Helping new and "nearly new" managers develop skills for success in the healthcare arena by providing intensive coaching sessions.

The Center for Well-Being
The center believes that working with a mentor or life coach helps clients see a different perspective and develop action plans that promote personal progress through times of uncertainty and change. Provides both personal and workshop coaching sessions and features LCSW accredited staff.

Coaching Works
Coaching Works focuses on their client's personality and communication style to clear out the things that clog energy and dampen passion. Their goal is to bring client's resources forward, refine them, and identify and remove obstacles.

Full Circle Coaching
Specializing in health, weight loss, and mid-life transition, Full Circle Coaching's goal is for their clients to grow and discover their life's purpose through realizing connections of oneself and spirit.

My Strategic Life Plan
4221 Peace Dr., Morristown (423-312-5080)
Life coach Lynette Patterson has a motto: "Live the Life you Love, With a Body that Doesn't Hold you Back." And Patterson, who's an International Coach Federation-certified life and health coach specializing in weight loss, encourages people to reach that point, particularly with their weight, one step at a time.

Step by Step Coaching
2561 Moss Creek Rd. (521-7759)
To guide families through the process of designing a successful StepFamily, Step by Step Coaching offers both individual and group coaching sessions.

115 S. Gay St.
URBhana's mission is to assist people in taking full adavantage of their lives through education and empowerment. They offer personal coaching, motivational presentations, and they produce publications. URBhana also focuses on the power of body movement, such as aerial dancing, pilates, and DansKinetics.


Holistic Physical Therapy, Brenda Rasch
9157 Colchester Ridge Rd. (363-6416)
This practice helps each individual reach their full potential by releasing pain in order to re-discover the ease and joy in movement and life. Physical therapist Brenda Rasch focuses on meditation, physical therapy and healing touch, and teaches individualized meditation classes called "Just Sit."

Knoxville Insight Meditation
at Losel Shedrup Ling Tibetan Buddhist Center
5415-F Kingston Pike
This meditation group is founded on the Thai Forest tradition and holds weekly gatherings on Monday nights at 7 PM. Sessions focus on Vipassana meditation, ethics and wisdom traditions, and stress management. New students are always welcome.