Yee-Haw Holiday Cards and Minis

Yee-Haw Industrial Letterpress's artistry and wit are at their best in a wide selection of holiday cards and mini-gift enclosures. All are pressed on recycled paper by hand on Yee-Haw's vintage letterpresses. Some are beaming bright typography, like the red "Joy," and some feature artwork by hipsters like Bjorn Rune Lie. Best of all, Yee-Haw's got this "holidays for the people" attitude, so Happy Hanukkah and Mazel Tov typography cards are available, too, along with one French and a couple of Spanish holiday greetings. Our favorite: the country-Western look Santa Suit and Santa Boot pack, two of each, plus four recycled envelopes. Prices range from $7-$16, and you'll save at least a couple of bucks shopping at the 413 South Gay St. storefront instead of buying from the Etsy store.