Vic and Bill's Open Again

After a chance to repair storm damage, Vic and Bill's on 3553 N. Broadway is open once more—with new hours and new management, but still, to our great relief, all in the same family. Vic Captain, who had been a constant at the store since it moved from its Fort Sanders location to Broadway, has retired, but his brother Bill Captain's family has taken over, namely Bill's wife Sherry and daughter Angela Townsend. They'll keep most of the same menu, says Sherry, like the Vol and pizza burgers and Greek omelets, but the hours are going to be different. Instead of the previous open mid-morning and stay open through early evening, the store will now be an Early Bird's dream, opening at 6 a.m. and closing at 5 p.m. And that's six days a week, Monday-Saturday. "I need a day off—I ain't Greek, I just married one," jokes Sherry. "My daughter and I always say we can't work day in and day out, because we don't have wives at home."