Swaggering Into Market Square

It's only been four weeks, but the move from their Kingston Pike location to the former site of Ten Thousand Villages at 32 Market Square is going very well for the men's sneaker store known as Swagger. "It's a way better location—the foot traffic is so much better, and we wanted more of a boutique set-up," says store manager Ricky Hopkins. Founded by local Jeremy Burgin (whose grandfather founded Burgin Dodge), Swagger sells limited-edition, re-created, old-school athletic shoes starting at around $90. "Our mission is to help people have that swagger lifestyle, which we define as to ‘walk with confidence,'" says Hopkins, himself a Chicago transplant of only two years. "We're trying to bring a city vibe, like you'd have in New York, to Knoxville. The downtown area already has its cornerstones, which we really like, and we're hoping to give it a new surge."