Step Into the Visitor Center's Parlor

The Knoxville Visitor Center has been welcoming newcomers with a little taste of Knoxville from its own coffee shop, Cafe Gourmet, but that will stop July 9. "We will be closing, but on July 12 The Parlor will be opening," says barista Liz Lyon. "It's a good opportunity for the [center] to house another entity and also a good way to be able to focus more on the visitors and less on the retail." The Parlor is a local music store and catering company that also provides brown bag lunch delivery to offices downtown. "We're excited to be moving downtown," says co-owner Rita Cochran. "The mix of the WDVX Blue Plate Special's down-home music and our local food just makes for a good home for us." The Parlor will still maintain its Chickamauga Avenue location and music store. "For catering, people still have to call 24 hours ahead but when we move downtown they can just walk in and get sandwiches and soups that are ready to go," says Cochran.