Soccer Taco Targets Mid-August to Open in Market Square

Metro Pulse editor Coury Turczyn was already lamenting the delay in opening a second, Market Square Soccer Taco location (complete with affordable enchiladas for downtown diners) in a Daily Pulse blog post April 24. But now the wait is... just a little longer, say owners Marilyn Parham and Nellie Kirtley. "We signed a lease in October and were optimistic that we might get control of the building by late January," says Parham. "That would have put us in a position to open in April, in time for Cinco de Mayo, Sundown, etc." Instead, the landlord encountered "issues" with both the renovation and in dealing with the historical commission, says Parham. But she's philosophical. "I guess delays like that are somewhat to be expected when dealing with such an old building." Moving forward, the owners took possession in June and are targeting a mid-August opening. The lease covers both the main level and the basement of the Ziegler Building. "Initially, we are just opening the main level," says Parham. "If things go well we are hoping to open the basement also, most likely with a larger bar area downstairs."

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