Portraits for Hope Extends Bargain to March 1

She's a genius with insightful pet portraits and a tireless philanthropist for Young Williams Animal Center and other pet charities, but this time photographer Julie Poole is extending her charitable efforts to a worthy organization that helps people: The Hope Center. Not to be confused with the ultra-conservative pregnancy planning outfit on Painter Avenue, which is the Hope Resource Center, the Hope Center addresses the unmet needs of patients infected with HIV in Knox and the surrounding 18 counties. Poole did not at first have a connection to that particular charity. "I was looking for a charity that helped people, and of the many worthy ones that were brought to my attention, they were the ones that called me back." Poole also got a soft-sell from local independent civil rights activist and rabble rouser Ed White, who was Volunteer of the Year for the Hope Center in 2009, and now she's committed—so much so that she's extended her offer three weeks past the original deadline, to March 1. Here's how it works: customers pay just half Poole's ordinary $100 "sitting fee," $50, directly to the Hope Center. They may then order as many photos as they like, starting at around $25 and "going up as high as they like. I will work it out if they want to get lavish!" says Poole.

To schedule a portrait call Poole at 603-1215 or e-mail Julie@juliepoole.com; to learn more about the Hope Center, hopecenterknox.org