New Moon Rising

Back in January, yoga instructor David Morgan was teaching 14 classes a week—at 10 different locations, including a church in his native Powell. Morgan then dabbled in a donations-only class idea, before deciding he really needed a studio and opening New Moon Yoga on Cedar Bluff Road a month ago. "I was doing a lot of private lessons, but they're the first thing to go in the downturn economy," he says. His new place is "going pretty well, considering yoga is traditionally not great in the summer—it's on track to being self-supporting by August." Morgan graduated from Webb School in 1991 and moved back to Knoxville in 2002. He taught with Sidecrow "back in the day at Well by Nature," and is confident that he's not poaching students from other yoga studios with his new venture. "The local yoga community, we're more like friends who do the same thing, not competitors," he says. "The goal for all of us is to get more people doing yoga, and then have them find the studio where they fit best."

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