Moonshine-easy Debuts at Preservation Pub

If Metro Pulse Secret Historian Jack Neely's memory serves, Scott and Bernadette West have opened what is Knoxville's first downtown rooftop bar at Preservation Pub. It will serve the same grub as the rest of the place, and the same drinks. Scott West, who says he was a little surprised at having to overcome resistance from some downtown neighbors to the rooftop venture, says he's nicknamed it the "‘Moonshine-easy.' We were already calling the second floor the "Speakeasy" and the first floor never really had a name so I named it the ‘Smokeasy.'" Right now, and for the rest of the hot weather, the roof will open at 6 p.m., at which time it is completely in shade. As the weather cools, the Moonshine-easy will start opening at 3 p.m. and the Wests plan to keep it open year-round. Another plan for the Wests involves their flagship store Earth to Old City. With the advent of Spirit cigarettes, which are organic and made from American tobacco, the store has embarked on what West calls a "return to sinfully good tastes." Look for ETOC to add decadent chocolates, rich coffees, and exotic teas to the inventory in coming months.