Metal Artist Re-Uses Discarded Lug Nuts

The speediest NASCAR pit stop still allows plenty of time to discard a mess of lug nuts. "By my conservative estimate, 6,000 lug nuts are generated at one NASCAR race," says Preston Farabow, owner of Aespyre design house and metal fabrication store in the North Central business district. "Each time they change tires the lug nuts fall to the ground and are not reused." Farabow's going to change all that—he's started going to races and collecting the lug nut debris, then fabricating it into other "things," like belt buckles. So far, he's experimented with raw forged, polished or copper plated designs that cost $35-$45. Farabow plans to sell the buckles at the Handmade Summer Trunk Show at 409 S. Gay Street July 17-19 (Yee-Haw Industries and Jill Colquitt are among other local crafters selling there). "The buckles can also be purchased through my website," he says. "I am just now starting to actively market them—as if I knew what the hell that means."

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