Meksiko Cantina Opens in Farragut

Seventy-five different tequilas add a kick, and an unusual spelling of the name adds a little spice to the newly opened Meksiko Cantina, 120 West End Ave. in Farragut. Owners Mario, Claudia, and Jorge Navarro already have years of experience in the restaurant business, including owning Border Taco. Meksiko Cantina aims to be a neighborhood restaurant that "makes the customer feel at home," Jorge says. The restaurant also offers a party room. "The cantina in Mexico is like a big bar, and they sell a lot of beer and different liquors, and that's why we have that here," Jorge says. Meksiko Cantina also offers dishes from burritos to nachos to chipotle specials, including fajitas with chipotle sauce. There's not a long story behind the name—the spelling's just meant as a memorable touch.