Make That Voice Commander Dave

The man alternately known as Commander Dave, Seva David-Louis Ball, and Dave Ball, is turning his formidable production talents to creating voice-command software that recognizes regional and ethnic accents. And right now, he's paying $25 for anyone interested in talkin' natural on tape. States the development website, American English Accents: "Anyone speaking any variety of American English is eligible to participate in a recorded 25-minute interview in August, for which each participant will receive payment of $25 as a token of thanks. All sessions will be held in downtown Knoxville." They really know the audience, because free parking is part of the package, but they emphasize that folks who can merely imitate Crocodile Dundee or Scarlett O'Hara need not apply. They're considering average adult Americans with Southern, Ozark, New York, West, Chicago, or Boston accents, among others.

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To sign up: 865-217-6863 or e-mail