Local Artists Featured at Red Line Gallery

Hosting her fifth featured Artist of the Month—Jennifer Brickey—at a reception Dec. 10, Farragut's Red Line Gallery owner Natalie Swindell says she's been pleased to showcase not only national and international artists, but also local ones since the gallery opened at 11519 Kingston Pike in April. September's featured artist, for example, was Janet Winslow and her oil paintings of festivals in Knoxville and surrounding areas, while industrial folk art by Daniel Claeys was featured in October. "The furthest away has been Kingsport—Tony Henson," she says. "The shows are doing well."

Swindell says it hasn't been tough to find worthy local artists. "Pretty much they've been finding me, asking how to show, and be shown, so the gallery's filling up fast." She has no formal art training, but favors more contemporary abstract art. "I like lots of color, but that doesn't keep me from having pieces in here that are a little more monotone," she says.

She jokes that the reason she opened the gallery was "insanity, maybe," before adding that Farragut really needed one. "Pictures don't do the art work justice ever; you can see photos until the sun doesn't shine, but you have to see in person to really get a great feel for them." She says she came into the business with no expectations, and is happy her doors are still open. "I'm moving some art; I'm still making it," she says. "And I just love art, being surrounded by it. Going to galleries and museums is a passion of mine."

For more information: redlinegallery.net