Holy Land Market Moves

Holy Land Market and Deli has moved just a few yards down from its old location on Sutherland Avenue, but the larger, airier location is opening up lots of possibilities, says co-owner, chef, and quipster Walter Ajlouny. "We no longer have what I call ‘panic attack' aisles," he says. "There are more tables and more walking for us—I think we may need roller skates. And now you can see the handsome chef cooking." It's also easier to find the hookahs and housewares sold at Holy Land, and some of their expanded grocery line, notably lamb's brains and tongue. While Ajlouny allows that he himself hasn't eaten either lamb product, he says they tend to be popular with his Arab customers, some of whom like the whole heads to make soup; goat meat and quail are also selling well. The proprietors plan to further expand their food offerings: oxtail, a yam flour from Ghana, and so forth. "We couldn't refuse this opportunity of more space, but we'll keep expanding as we can," says Ajlouny. Meantime, their traditions continue, such as six flavors of homemade hummus each month; the featured flavor this month is pumpkin.