Hard Knox—That's Hot Pizza!

Sure it's hot outside, but it's all relative. Inside the newly opened Hard Knox Pizzeria in Western Plaza (near the Fresh Market), the wood-fired pizza ovens are a sweltering 850 degrees. That means the pies, which are Neapolitan style, cook in, oh, two or three minutes. Co-owner couple Jill Johnson and Dean Bastian are used to a little more cool in the off hours: They moved here from Detroit about a year and a half ago to pursue the business. "The transition has actually been very smooth, easy—it's a much slower pace of life here," says Johnson. "And I was ready to live in the South, desperately ready." Now in week two, Johnson says they're increasing sales every day, with the biggest seller being, "what you'd expect. The pepperoni with some vegetables, which we call the Carnera." Follow the action on the in-store webcam (and Bastian kindly credits Metro Pulse's Rose Kennedy with planting the idea in an early summer Fearless Foodie blog post about their "receiving our oven" video), linked at their website.

For more info and the webcam: hardknoxpizza.com