Glowing Bowl Cafe Gone, Now It's Glow to Go

As of Monday, the Glowing Bowl at the Glowing Body yoga studio ceased being a daily cafe, though the studio will still sell organic French Roast by the cup, drinks from the cooler, and bags of granola and energy circles. (And they also still have free Wi-Fi connections for those who want to catch up before their yoga classes.) Along with special orders and special events catering, the new thrust is on "Glow To Go" boxes, a $120 weekly organic and/or Super Food assortment of two soups, four entrees, four salads, and two healthy desserts available for pickup each Tuesday at the studio. "Every business needs to be dynamic and evolving to meet the needs of their customers in the best possible way. At times, a shift needs to occur," wrote owner Hollis Church in a Facebook message. We're still gonna miss that easy fruit!