Dressing in the Aisle

Haze & Co.'s Hazel Tippo was pleased to sell her bottled all-natural salad dressings at the Turkey Creek Earth Fare, but says doing business with the new Bearden Earth Fare is even better. "At Turkey Creek, my dressings are far from the other salad dressings, in a special Tennessee products section, but at the Bearden store, the Tennessee display is at the end of the salad aisle, so I can be in both sections at once," she says. Tippo, a sole proprietor for about two years, moves 300-400 bottles of dressing each month, through Earth Fare and other locations including the Gourmet Market in the Bearden District, Blackbird Coffeehouse in Sequoyah Hills, and Greenlife Groceries in Chattanooga and Asheville. "It's not my main source of support, but I'm working towards that," she says. "It's not just a whim, or a hobby."

To make the dressing, she rents a co-op kitchen as needed, located about an hour and 15 minutes north of Knoxville. The most popular flavor varies, but Tippo notes that Rosemary Lemon has its own fan club. "People who like that are so adamant, and they have to keep coming by my stand at the Market Square Farmers' Market to tell me how much they like it."

For more information: hazeandco.com