Comedy Club To Accept Canned Goods As Payment

Side Splitters Comedy Club will be taking canned food in trade for admission, beginning with the 8 p.m. Janet Williams' "Tennessee Tramp" shows on Wednesday, Nov. 25, and Thursday, Nov. 26. Spokesperson Bridgette O'Dell assures us that just one can will do the trick, though ticket prices usually range from $6 to $10. The club will keep up the tradition on select dates throughout the holiday season: Sunday, Dec. 6, Wednesdays, Dec. 2, 9, and 16, and "probably the entire week of Christmas," says O'Dell. The food will all stay in the community, going straight to Second Harvest, and Williams' opener is 100 percent local, too. "Her feature act is Josh Phillips of Oak Ridge," says O'Dell, "and our audiences always love him." You do have to wonder who will be the first to revamp that old prank phone call for the occasion, asking "Do you have Chef Boyardee in a can?"