Beer News From Brixx and Cherokee

Between its microbreweries and happy hours, Knoxville's already a beer drinker's paradise, and now there are two new ways to enjoy it: Cherokee Distributing, which is headquartered in Knoxville, has long distributed MillerCoors and other prominent beer brands, and has now brought beers by Depot Street Brewing to stores and restaurants in the greater Knoxville area. Depot Street Brewing, established in 2004, is a craft brewery located in Jonesborough (Tennessee's oldest town), about eight miles southwest of Johnson City. The selection will include Depot Street Eurail Golden Ale, a light-bodied German-style ale; Depot Street Express Amber Ale, an American-style amber ale; Depot Street Roundabout Rye Stout, a dry Irish stout with a touch of rye malt; and Depot Street Loose Caboose Lager, a Dortmunder-style German lager.

Meanwhile, Brixx Wood Fired Pizza has begun an MBA program—that's a Master's of Beer Appreciation. To graduate and receive a $50 Brixx Bash, one must sample 32 beers at any Brixx location and attend one extracurricular beer activity. There are milestone incentives, too, like a free pizza after 16 beers, and a free Brixx MBA T-shirt after 24. By the way, the max is four beer stamps in one day.

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