Aspen Heath and Healing Comes to Oak Ridge

A nurse, Marcia Childress, and a licensed massage therapist, Kristen Poppy Kreider, have been hard at work for a year developing the concept for Aspen Health and Healing Center, a hub for alternative, complementary, and holistic health care in Oak Ridge. The pair, along with devoted volunteers, just as painstakingly assembled the site, spending most of the summer laying hardwood and tile, hanging sheet-rock, painting, and decorating at 119 Central Avenue in the Jackson Square area. Four treatment rooms will be utilized by massage therapists, Healing Touch practitioners, cranial-sacral therapists, Reiki masters, a Qigong healing practitioner, counselors, and a retired local attorney will consult with mediation clients at the facility. A modest movement studio is on premises, and classes already slated range from childbirth to Emotional Freedom Technique to Becoming a Vegetarian. The center has also started to develop a network of referrals with local medical providers. Seeing is believing? Check out their open house, Oct. 2 from 6 p.m.-10 p.m., food and drink provided.