622-EATS' 30 Mile Takeout Radius

David Stanley and Mandy Leventhal were trying to address a personal issue by starting 622-EATS, which coordinates take-out delivery from numerous local restaurants up to 30 miles from downtown. "We live in the North Hills neighborhood and always wondered why we couldn't get any decent food delivered," he says. "We were sick of the pizza triumvirate, and Take-Out Taxi does not service any part of Downtown Knox nor anything further east than Sequoyah Hills and we thought that was totally unfair!"

Since Jan. 1, 622-EATS has been trying to right that wrong, specializing in large drop-off catering and individual lunch and dinner orders from places ranging from Pete's Coffee Shop and F.A.T.S. BBQ to Shono in the City and Regas. The ordering happens online, days in advance or 45 minutes before the food arrives on the doorstep. After a "long string of very slow days" the business set a modest record for deliveries Thursday, Jan. 20. "Then by some sort of miracle we tripled that day on Friday," says David. He also teaches history online for the University of Phoenix, and says the couple will decide if the business is workable in five months. "I've seen it work in other cities this size, so I'm confident."

To place an order: 622eats.com, or call 622-EATS