Burglary as a Cry for Help

Knox County police officers file countless reports each day about stolen prescription medications, many of which are treatments for anxiety. It is easy to jump to the conclusion that criminals are stealing the meds for a quick fix or for resale, but on October 23, one police officer filed a report that may contradict such an assumption.

Around one in the afternoon, police received a phone call from a woman whose car had been burglarized. She had left her unlocked car on a North Knoxville street around 10 p.m. and returned the next day to find her vehicle ransacked. When the officer arrived, the victim searched the car to discover only a few things were missing: approximately 10 miscellaneous CDs and 25 anxiety therapy cassette tapes.

No suspect was found at the crime scene and police officers refused to bring in the crime lab. Although the case went unsolved, it poses an interesting question for authorities: Are criminals stealing prescription medication for the fun of it, or could they actually be seeking personal treatment for anxiety disorders? We can only hope the burglar doesn't have to steal a cassette player now.