Bullying By the Numbers

While the news has been focused on homosexual bullying lately, and this survey didn't weight responses of gays in particular, the 2009 Knox County Youth Risk Behavior Survey does offer insight into the prevalence of bullying on school grounds in Knox County high schools. More females are bullied than males, for example, and the peak comes in 9th and 10th grade. The survey, a joint effort of the Knox County Health Department and Knox County Schools, was the first to address high school bullying experiences, but next year's should yield some basis for comparison.

Total responses: 821

Total reporting bullying on school grounds during 2009: 155, or 18.6%

Males: 66, or 42% of those bullied

Females: 89, or 58% of those bullied

9th Grade: 20.8% reported being bullied

10th Grade: 29.2% reported being bullied

11th Grade: 14.1% reported being bullied

12th Grade: no statistically reliable numbers available

Of those surveyed, 41, around 25 percent of the 155 who reported being bullied, said they earned mostly As, while only 15, or about 10 percent, said they made mostly Ds and Fs. (The sample of D-F students is considered too small to be statistically reliable).