Bowling For Slackers

The power of persuasion as it applies to territoriality, firearms, and bowling: According to a Knoxville Police report, two employees of a northwest Knoxville bowling alley were spending some time behind their place of business last Friday night, engaged in the cheap thrills of shooting off fireworks and smoking cigarettes. From the weed-covered adjacent lot, a very angry looking man, wielding a "military style" automatic weapon, allegedly approached the co-workers, waving his weapon at their waists and ordering them to vacate the area.

After one of the victims tried in vain to convince him that they actually worked at the alley, the suspect became enraged, commanding they "get out of here." This sent them fleeing for the safety of the alley's rear entrance, whereupon they called the police.

Considering this had been the second case of the suspect's harassment in the bowling alley's back lot, Knoxville Police tracked him down at a nearby house, and took him into custody with the helpful use of a TASER.