Tracy Jackson says Zeppelin Still Rocks

Tracy Jackson may be familiar from his day job at the Disc Exchange, but you may also have seen him tooling around the city on his bicycle—he was the founder of the now-defunct Pen15 bike gang and participates in the weekly Booze and Cruise bar ride nights around downtown. Here's what he's been listening to in between rides.

Led Zeppelin, Houses of the Holy (Atlantic, 1973)

It still rocks. Great cover, great album.

Wilco, Sky Blue Sky (Nonesuch, 2007)

That's definitely still one of my favorites. Meeting Wilco was awesome on Record Store Day. I got to meet them and see how cool they are in person. I've known about them since A.M., but when I saw them in Nashville at one of those things like Sundown in the City, they played "Heavy Metal Drummer." I'd heard it on WUTK but I didn't know it was them. I said, "Oh, this is them? This is blowing me away!"

Man or Astro-Man?

I can't remember which one, but this is one of those surprise finds you grab at work. Finding these is kind of rare. I always get excited when vinyl comes in now—sometimes there's some old Bob Dylan or Led Zeppelin I don't have. Mostly it's random stuff like Los Straitjackets or Sigue Sigue Sputnik.