Sara Lewis of Jag Star Picks Billy Joel Over Elton John

Jag Star's concert this weekend isn't just a release party for their new CD Static Bliss—it's the long-running local pop-rock band's first hometown show in two years. The band relocated to Nashville after The Best Impression of Sanity in 2006, but moved back after singer Sara Lewis and guitarist J Lewis became parents. Static Bliss, a collection of TV-credit-friendly guitar pop, is the band's fifth album. Here's what singer Sara Lewis has been listening to lately.

Billy Joel

I've been a fan of Billy Joel's albums since before I could walk. My dad had the An Innocent Man cassette tape and, as odd as it sounds, it really spoke to me when I was so tiny. I learned a lot about songwriting through him, and I think it was his music that led me down my career path. It seems like Elton John always wins the age-old "Billy vs. Elton" question, but I'm a Billy girl all the way to this day!

Lily Allen

I of course have heard her name a lot the past few years but never looked deep into her music until recently after hearing comparisons of her and Jag Star. Not sure I see a ton of similarities (although I see the "cleaner, American version" part, ha ha) but I'm really diggin' her latest album, It's Not Me, It's You—cool production, and her lyrics make me laugh.

Jump, Little Children

I'm still scratching my head as to why these guys never blew up bigger than they were. They broke up several years ago and are doing other projects, but I miss the quirky, eclectic sound they made together as a group. They had a huge following, and love them or hate them, you can't deny their talent.