Listening in With Scott Miller

Scott Miller has been writing songs about drinking beer and raising a ruckus around Knoxville for nearly 20 years. His latest album, For Crying Out Loud, released in 2008, was paid for by Miller's out-of-the-box business venture—he sold handmade demos of tracks that ended up on the final recording—and he's writing songs now for a follow-up expected to be released next year. (He's also recently recorded several Christmas songs for release later this year.)

Bill Withers

The Best of Bill Withers (Sussex, 1975)

I don't even know how many times that I've listened to this album. And, well, if you don't like it, then you just plain don't like music. Hell, you might as well go ahead and jump off the Gay Street Bridge. Yeah, that'd probably be your best option.

R.B. Morris

Spies Lies and Burning Eyes (2010)

R.B., well, damn, he's been my buddy for years and this is his best work yet. It's like a greatest-hits album, but with all-new shit.

Will Hoge

The Wreckage (Rykodisc, 2009)

I've always thought that Will sings with patience, you know? And I think that he does it on purpose. This album is definitely a good example of his style.