Listening in With Oxford, Miss., Indie Rockers Colour Revolt

Oxford, Miss., indie rockers Colour Revolt take their name from the Victorian math fable Flatland, but there's nothing flat about the band's bouncy, no-nonsense garage-style power pop, as shown on their second album, The Cradle, released in August. Singer/guitarists Jesse Coppenbarger and Sean Kirkpatrick share what they've been listening to on their current road trip.

Bobby Bare

The Moon Was Blue (Dualtone, 2005)

I wonder if I am. He rubs it in. His son produced it and got a whole gang of superheroes to play on it. A lot of hits on this one, so get ready to sing along. His voice is classic country.


Pinkerton (DGC, 1996)

Just found their best album under a stack of CDs with no cases in my room. So much feedback and what seems to be "studio drunkenness."

Daniel Johnston

1990 (Shimmy Disc, 1990)

Heartbreaking and classic. It's at least a once-a-month listen for me.

—Jesse Coppenbarger

Tame Impala

Innerspeaker (Modular Recordings, 2010)

This album is great. Not many artists can make '70s psychedelic rock still feel original. I can't help but love it.

Clem Snide

You Were a Diamond (Tractor Beam Records, 1998)

This record is sort of old, but it recently won me over. Post-grunge acoustic songs with cellos always hits a soft spot with me. Coincidentally, they also have a record called Soft Spot. It's great.

The Walkmen

Lisbon (Fat Possum, 2010)

I can't help but love the Walkmen. I love every album they put out. Lisbon feels like a sampler of all their past albums. By all means check out their other records.

—Sean Kirkpatrick