Listening in With Deakin of Animal Collective

Joshua Dibb, who performs under the name Deakin, is one of the founding members of Animal Collective and has been an occasional member the last few years; he didn't appear on last year's Merriweather Post Pavillion, but he's planning on writing songs with the rest of the band for its next album in early 2011. Between now and then, he's also planning to record his first solo album. He's out now on his second solo tour. Here's what he's been listening to lately.

Catherine Ribeiro and Alpes

Paix (Philips, 1972)

She was a French singer in the late '60s and early '70s. Paix is "peace" in French. Her voice is really intense and dramatic, and the band is kind of krauty—they've got good heavy grooves, but it's also kind of minimal.

Neil Young

Le Noise (Reprise, 2010)

I'm a huge Neil Young fan, but most of the stuff I like is older. I haven't given much of his new stuff a chance, but a friend of mine recommended this. My first reaction was, "This is either really bad or great, I can't tell." You have to listen to it in the right state of mind. It's kind of a dark record. Something about it is really naked—the lyrics are simplistic, but they're honest. It's like he's not trying to be creative, he's just trying to be honest. It's also the most digital-sounding Neil Young album, even more than Trans. Some of the production is pretty dramatic—his voice is chopped up and looped on some of it. The majority of it is just his voice and guitar, and it gets in a very particular space.