Listening in With the Cave Singers' Derek Fudesco

Derek Fudesco, one-time guitarist for Seattle's semi-legendary '90s goth-punk band the Murder City Devils and the later group Pretty Girls Make Graves, is now one of the alt-folkies who call themselves the Cave Singers. The Cave Singers' third album, No Witch, is due out in February; they're touring to promote the album this fall. Here's what Fudesco was listening to last week while he was snowed in in Seattle.

Sir Douglas Quintet

Sir Douglas Quintet + 2 = Honkey Blues (Smash, 1968)

This is good. It might be really early.

A stack of old ska and early reggae 45s by Laurel Aiken, the Skatalites, the Soul Brothers, etc.

I got these a while ago. I buy vinyl for a store here in Seattle, and sometimes stuff comes in that looks bad, looks like shit, but plays fine. It's rad to be able to take those home. The production on these is amazing, like it's just a couple of mics in a room.

Wooden Wand

Death Seat (Young God Records, 2010)

I just picked that up. I've only listened to it about three times. He puts out a lot of stuff.

Tom Petty

Wildflowers (Warner Bros., 1994)

We just bought a new van with a cassette player and I went out looking for some cassettes for the tour. I was at a thrift store, and all of them were Bible cassettes except for this one.