Listening in With Alex Mindermann of Arpetrio

It's no surprise that Arpetrio's self-described "funky livetronica" sound has earned a devoted following in Knoxville's ever-expanding electronic scene. The group (Wes Taylor on drums, Alex Mindermann on guitar, synth, and laptop, and Trent Little on bass) has quickly developed an enviable portfolio on the local festival circuit—playing multiple sets at Trinumeral, Dexfest, and Boombutywah. Arpetrio's blend of live instruments with samples is full of energy, and with sets that incorporate a heavy dose of improvisation, the group isn't scared to showcase its jam-band roots. In preparation for their upcoming show with Prefuse 73, Alex Mindermann lets us know what he's been listening to lately.

Pretty Lights

Spilling Over Every Side (Pretty Lights Music, 2010)

Pretty Lights will always be at the top of the list for us. Each release gets better and better, and his newest, Spilling Over Every Side, is his crunchiest yet.


LP4 (XL, 2010)

Ratatat has a very classy sound that makes us want to pop open a bottle of champagne. It's not their most original album but it's still great.

Glitch Mob

Drink the Sea (Glass Air, 2010)

With a competitive market in the hyphy electronic scene, we assumed that Glitch Mob's new release would have trouble reaching the level of creativity with some of the other big electronic EPs, but this album has an amazing variety of new sounds and is right up next to Pretty Lights, in terms of catchiness.

The New Deal

Gone Gone Gone (A-Train Entertainment, 2003)

The New Deal is definitely our favorite live band to go see. Gone Gone Gone is a very danceable, cheesy livetronica album with more of a studio feel, even featuring a song with Feist.


Plastic Beach (EMI, 2010)

This was our summer CD for sure. Plastic Beach is an album we will be telling our kids about when we're older, similar to how our parents showed us Beatles and Pink Floyd albums. By far the most well-made album of the year.