I Need Sleep Digs Fleetwood Mac, Screamin' Jay Hawkins

The weirdo pop collective I Need Sleep splits its membership between Chicago and Knoxville, but geography didn't get in the way of the band's focus on its recent demo recording, Welcome to Monsters. The large band throws traditional instruments like banjo and accordion together with analog synths for a formidably eclectic, almost maddeningly percussive kind of psych-pop. The band's wrapping up a month-long Midwest tour with a performance at Pilot Light this weekend.

Fleetwood Mac, Rumors (Warner Bros., 1977)

Hands down, the best of the best ever. Anyone willing to argue this is in danger of us hiring the Royal Bangs to come kick your ass. This is the real king of the night. We recommend listening to this, start to finish, daily. Just make sure your version has "Silver Springs" on it.

Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Cow Fingers and Mosquito Pie (Epic, 1991)

This album has become our recent staple for the road. There are few men that have accomplished as much as he did during his life. Drinking a bottle of gin a day, blowing up someone's head with a grenade, and having over 75 bastard children... this is something we aspire to.

Calloway, "I Wanna Be Rich" (Sony, 1989)

Our friend Kendahl gave us this cassette tape. It features an instrumental side that is great for jammin'. Actually, I think Justin is the only one in the band who really actually likes this one. But we all can't deny how catchy it is. Or how much Monopoly we've been playing while listening to it.