Down From Up Get Amped by Their Playlists

Long-running local alt-rockers Down From Up took a shred-tastic turn with their most recent album, From Ashes to Empire, a collection of arena-ready anthems decorated with flourishes of mind-bending virtuosity, much of it courtesy of lead guitarist Andy Wood.

Matt Reynolds: Terry Reid, Seed of Memory (Edsel, 1976)

Jimmy Page's first choice to be Led Zeppelin's frontman. Beautiful songs and one of the best rock singers I have ever heard.

Andy Campbell:

I've been listening to Gun N' Roses, Mötley Crüe, and a bunch of Motown stuff.

Matt Brewster:

Coheed and Cambria, and the new Guns N' Roses record, Chinese Democracy (Geffen, 2008). Both of these just get me amped.

Andy Wood:

Peter Huttlinger's album Naked Pop (Favored Nations, 2002), Killswitch Engage, Jimmy Herring's album Lifeboat (Abstract Logix, 2008). Probably one of my favorite guitarists! This album features killer playing by Otiel Burbridge, Jeff Sipe, and of course monster shredding from Jimmy.