Dave Akers of the Super Dave 5

Dave Akers played guitar alongside Travis Wyrick in the long-running Knoxville glam-metal band Sage for most of the 1990s. Now he's fronting the cover band Super Dave 5, who will be replaying hits from the '70s, '80s, and '90s this weekend.


Live at Wembley '86 (Hollywood, 1992)

Awesome—"Bohemian Rhapsody," "Under Pressure." I have been watching the DVD, and the production, for its time, is incredible. Brian May on guitar is simply fantastic and the creativity of Freddy Mercury is pure genius.

Van Halen

Fair Warning (Warner Bros., 1981)

Probably their least-known disc. Very dark, but the playing is straightforward, raw, and a real representation of their pure, unaltered playing. Eddie is a monster on "Unchained," "Mean Streets," and "Sinner's Swing." This is why so many kids started playing guitar. And before his ego got the best of him, what about David Lee Roth? The guy's hysterical.


Back in Black (Atlantic, 1980)

Pure, raw, in-your-face rock 'n' roll. This is rock 'n' roll at its core. Screaming guitar work, vocals from the gut, and a simple two and four on the snare. "Back in Black," "Hell's Bells," "You Shook Me All Night Long," "Have a Drink on Me"—pure power. No ballads on this disc, just Brian Johnson screaming over Angus and Malcolm Young's Marshalls on 11.

KC and the Sunshine Band

25th Anniversary Collection (Rhino, 1999)

This is fun music with no message other than to have a good time. Every time I listen to one of these songs, it just makes me smile. "Get Down Tonight," "I'm Your Boogie Man," "That's the Way (I Like It)," "Boogie Shoes"—all these tunes are meant for people to have fun. Gotta love Harry Wayne Casey.

Ted Nugent

Double Live Gonzo (Epic, 1978)

This guy's a madman. Guitar work is great, but his attitude is even better. I don't hunt, but if Ted asked me I'd be there in heartbeat just to hear what he has to say. I love his in-your-face style with both his guitars and lyrics. Sure, some of the messages in his songs are silly, yet you know he means it and doesn't care what you think. I'm pretty sure he would tell you he doesn't care to your face if you asked.

The Super Dave 5 • The Cider House (1213 Western Ave.) • Friday, Aug. 14 • 8 p.m. • $6 • 18 and up