Boom Box: Tim Lee

As frontman for the Tim Lee 3, all-around studio guy and guitarist for just about anybody who asks him, Tim Lee is quite possibly the hardest working man in Knoxville music. As he prepares for his July 5 show opening for the Mulch Brothers at The Shed, he tells us what's currently spinning in his CD player.

ZZ Top

Tres Hombres (London, 1973)

This is one of my all-time favorites, and it makes its way into the van's CD player regularly. The guitar tones are among the best ever achieved by white people, and the overall sound of this record really sparks coming out of the speakers. Great adaptation of the blues vernacular by Texas hicks (pre-beards).

Kathleen Edwards

Asking for Flowers (Zoe, 2008)

For me, she's the proverbial "she could sing the phone book and keep me enthralled" artist. Fortunately, though, she writes songs as well as she sings.


Vidalia (Rock Snob, 2007)

I can't ever get enough of the 'hooks' debut full-length, but I've heard some of the stuff from their follow-up, and it's even stronger. Jake, Emily, Ben and Matt have really got something special going.

Kevin Abernathy Band

Rock ‘n' Roll Fiasco (self-released, 2007)

It seems that I end up listening to the new music of my friends more than just about anything else, and this one is no exception. Kevin's kind of criminally unknown around town, but he's a great guitarist and stellar songwriter. You gotta love any record that reminds you of both Steve Earle and "Hot for Teacher," sometimes in the same song.

The Leningrads

Sharing the Blame (FMB Entertainment, 2007)

Another case of listening to my friends. (I'm also getting into the new Westside Daredevils and Jay Clark's last one.) Knathan and the gang are like the Replacements playing Beatles songs, and you can't go wrong with that combination. They should have included their version of "Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On."