Boom Box: Sam Quinn

Sam Quinn, formerly of the everybodyfields and leader of the Japan 10 for the last couple of years, will be pulling double duty with his new band Taiwan Twin this weekend, first at the South Knoxville family fest Vestival and later at Pilot Light, opening for Jennifer Niceley.

Michael Hurley

Hi-Fi Snock Uptown (Warner Bros., 1972)

Transplanted Oregonian Michael Hurley gives this particular gem the immediacy and organic vibes of a Jerry Jeff Walker record, with interesting turns of phrase and wit not unlike Vic Chesnutt, giving vim and vigor to his musings of this astral plane as a cartoon dog with eyeglasses and a penchant for the drink.

Chris Bell

I Am the Cosmos (Rykodisc, 1992)

This record is an enormous, jangly, achingly beautiful vortex of pop sadness shelved for 20-some odd years after it was recorded. Former Big Star guitarist Bell creates a world that requires a trail of bread crumbs to return from its towering walls of mid-'70s production majesty. It makes you feel like you are dead, but in the good way.


Akron/Family (2005, Young God Records)

The cover looks something of a tribal mask made out of candy corn and seashells. The music therein comprises tape loops, screaming guitars, stacks of vocals, ocean sounds, and feedback, and comes out sounding strangely enough like the Earth itself. It is also one of those albums that you forget what you are listening to.

Various artists

Country Strong (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (RCA Nashville, 2010)

Not all country music records are made to be laid at the feet of its legends. Sometimes it's just pop music put out for people to listen to when they drive around from the mall to the gym or from Brownies to Randy's house. This lies somewhere in between. It is also about as close as you can get to that George Strait movie soundtrack to Pure Country.