Boom Box: R.B. Morris

Knoxville singer/songwriter/poet-about-town R.B. Morris is up to his usual tricks: writing poetry, short fiction, long fiction, two new plays, and a screenplay. He's also working on the anticipated full-length follow-up to last year's Empire EP and performing this weekend at the Alive After Five series at Knoxville Museum of Art. "Which is to say my life is falling apart as we speak," he declares. "Music is always in the background, old blues, new Radiohead, Animal Collective, choice cuts from the Longbranch's jukebox." Here's what he's been listening to most recently:

Brian Eno, Another Green World (Island, 1975)

Just brilliant songs, brilliant words, brilliant music, brilliant attitude.

Malcolm Holcombe, A Hundred Lies (Geffen, 1999)

I've been going back to this a lot. Best folk album since Dylan's Freewheelin'.

Hector Qirko, Wherever You Go (Blind Guru, 2007)

I know he's got a newer one out but I'm still digesting this one. New songs for the old styles, instead of all these bluegrass groups covering rock and pop songs. Plus essential instrumentals, which make it a great diverse collection.

Various artists, Re-Distilled: 25 Years of Knoxville Rock (2008)

Still checking into this and wrapping my head around all the local diversity. Pretty much a treasure-trove of rich stuff.