Boom Box: Private Papers

Travis Gray has been a minor character in the Knoxville music scene for the past 10 years in Mito Band, Demonicle, Rumblytums, and, most recently, Private Papers. He is also the Metro Pulse art director. Here's a list of what he has been listening to while putting together this week's issue.

WKCS 91.1 FM

If you can sit through the songs that have been ruined by commercials ("I'm Into Something Good," "Wild Thing," etc.) you'll hear things you can't believe are even real. Have you heard that song "Patches" by Dickey Lee? Patches is from Shantytown, so don't marry her! And "Running Bear" by Johnny Preston—it's a veritable Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! every time I turn it on.

The Clean

Anthology (Merge, 2003)

It's nice to hear a band travel through the decades like this with their own material.

Solid Space

"Tenth Planet," from Space Museum (In Phaze Records, 1982)

I stumbled upon this song online and searched them out—it's pretty easy to find a download. Since it's from '82 and long out of print I suffer no guilt. A simple band with a drum machine, guitar, and keyboard, the songs are dark, sparse, and science-fictiony.

Fresh Air podcast

I usually listen to a weeks' worth of these at work on Tuesdays when I'm waiting for lazy-asses to turn in their shit for me to lay out.